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Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Projectors are certified to comply with 21CFR Part 1040. Except with respect to those characteristics authorized by Variance Numbers: 2005V-0172 and 2005V-0220. Effective: November 2012.

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Welcome to Luminance Laser Systems, by CT. Lasers. We make Laser Light Show System Sales, easy, understandable and affordable.

CT. Lasers is a World Wide provider for professional Laser Light Show System Sales and Laser Light Show Projector Sales! Our Luminance RGB Laser systems are used by lighting professionals, hobbyists, educational facilities, military, touring rock bands, permanent installations in sports stadiums to Laser companies around the world!! Our Laser system installations can enhance almost any entertainment venue’s atmosphere and “WOW” factor!

Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Projectors are among the most sought after, professional Laser Light Show Systems available. We utilize an all solid state diode Laser source engine. This enables very high Laser output power with excellent beam quality and efficient, low power consumption. All of our Laser systems are FDA certified to be used in the United States and we include your Laser operators variance at NO additional charge! A 3 year warranty covers all of our Lasers and proves just how robust and high quality we manufacture our Lasers to be. High quality optics and state of the art, proprietary beam correcting enable superior Laser beam specifications and appeared brighter beams.

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