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CT. Lasers. Laser Light Show Services & Laser Displays!

CT. Lasers provides Laser Light Show services and professional Laser displays throughout the USA and worldwide! We provide Laser displays and full production, turn key solutions for almost any event. Whether it is for a backyard BBQ or a 100,000 person town celebration, CT. Lasers can produce your event from start to finish.

CT. Lasers is based out of New Haven, Connecticut and we specialize in professional worldwide Laser Light Show Services. It is very important to choose a company which exemplifies professionalism, safety and the absolute highest quality production available. We do this for EVERY event. Whether it is a single system 50 person corner bar or a 100,000 person multiple Laser system stadium production. We have an impeccable safety record. We have hundreds of highly satisfied clients. Lastly, we pride ourselves on providing the best services and best productions while still remaining one of the most affordable Laser Light Show Production Companies in the country.

CT. Lasers can provide high impact Laser displays for any event. Our solid state Laser technology ensures the brightest and most efficient colors and visibility compared to older ion (gas) Laser systems. All of our Laser light show projectors are air cooled and do not require any special power requirements. The Lasers operate on standard 120VAC 60Hz standard power receptacles.

Single color Laser systems. Multi-colored Laser systems to Full color (16 million colors) Laser systems that can accommodate almost any budget for almost any event.

Nightclub Laser Light Shows.  Concert Laser Light Shows.  Sporting Event Laser Light Shows. Laser Light Shows to Introduce a Product.  New Venue Grand Opening Laser Light Show.  Laser Advertising.  Laser Logo Projections.  EDM Festival Laser Light Shows.  Wedding Laser Shows.  Bar/Bat Mitzvah Laser Light Shows…

CT. Lasers is YOUR Laser Light Show Company!

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Stadiums, Sporting Events, Concerts & EDM Festivals:


Large scale productions such as sporting events, concerts, international DJ’s, festivals…etc, require Lasers that can be visible for many thousands of people. We have Full color Lasers and/or single color Lasers up to ~ 50 Watts which can enhance any large scale production where highly visible Laser effects are desired. Our Laser operators work closely with the production team of the event to ensure a flawless and superior Laser show experience. Our Laser performances can be run live or can be pre-choreographed to satisfy intricate show programs and detailed oriented performances.

Lasertising (Laser Advertising)


“Lasertising” is an exciting way to promote a product, a business, an event, almost anything- for thousands of people to see. Our Laser systems can be programmed to promote and advertise almost any sort of product or service with ease and artistic representations. 3D logo projections. Any text desired. Any color(s) desired. Animated scenes. Your imagination is our only limit. CT. Lasers possesses Laser systems powerful enough to project from 50 feet away or thousands of feet away! We can use almost any sort of surface as our projection background. No special screens. No special billboards. Cloud Writing (YES- it is possible), building facades, tree lines, roof tops to sporting event fields. Imagine the possibilities!?!?!

Nightclub Laser Light Shows


Lasers enhance the energy of any nightclub experience. Separate your nightclub from all of the others with a professional Laser display or professionally installed Laser system. Imagine the roar of your crowd when those bright, sharp, pure color Laser beams kick on in the pinnacle moment of your DJ’s music set. The excitement and the beauty is unmatched and will send your guests over the edge. We also are an FDA/CDRH Certified Laser system manufacturer. CT. Lasers is one of a very few Laser Light Show Companies in the USA which holds a valid “manufacturers variance” to build, sell, service and install professional Laser equipment. Our LuminanceRGB Laser systems can be purchased and installed at your venue to provide a “next level” form of entertainment.

Festivals, Civic Events, Fairs, 4th of July...etc


Towns and Cities often provide spectacular civic celebrations for their communities. Whether it is for celebrating the 4th of July, The cities “200th Anniversary,” Architectural accomplishments, historical landmarks…etc. Lasers can add excitement, futuristic artistic renderings and so much “WOW,” to the event, your audience won’t know what hit them. CT. Lasers is flexible enough to provide Lasers for almost any type of visionary project. Very simple effects like enveloping your audience with a multi-colored solid sheet of vibrant Laser colors to extraordinarily complex choreographed Laser Light Shows consisting of audio, Laser graphics and multiple aerial Laser beam systems. No show is too small or too large.

3D Laser Graphics

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