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CT. Lasers has expanded. We are now in CT. and New York with New York State CLASS B Laser Operators.

Turn Key, full Production Laser Displays. Affordable, High-Impact and Highly Successful Laser choreographed themed shows. Affordable, PROFESSIONAL Laser System Sales.

Multi-System High Energy Laser Displays


Turn your venue into “Laser Heaven!” No other special effects excite a crowd like sharp, vibrant, beautiful Laser beams!

High Impact Outdoor Shows

  • 4th of July Celebrations
  • Town / City / State celebrations
  • Community Celebrations / Anniversaries
  • “Lasertising” Laser Advertising and Laser Billboards

Much, MUCH more!

CT. Lasers with Kid Rock

We provide full Laser productions for arena concert productions. Including, NEW YORK STATE CLASS B LASER OPERATORS!

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Luminance RGB Laser System Sales!



ALL NEW, Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Projectors. Much smaller, Much more affordable!

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Concerts, Stadium Events, Sporting Events


Nightclubs, Concert Venues, EDM Events

LuminanceRGB Laser Light Show Systems

Welcome To Ct. Lasers!

Full-Service Laser Light Show Company, World-Class Laser Light Show Productions and Professional Laser Light Show Systems Sales since 2005!

Laser Light Show Companies in the U.S.A. provide special effects displays utilizing a very special form of light; LASERS!
Laser light is not like any other form of light you can see. The colors are crisp, vibrant, very intense and are capable of producing millions of colors beyond imagination! All from one Laser Projection System. 

CT. Lasers is a nation wide leader in the production of high impact and visually stimulating Laser Light Shows.
With hundreds of satisfied clients, hundreds of shows produced and hundreds of successful, professional Laser Light Show Systems sold; we are excited as to what the coming years will bring us!

Today’s Laser technology has changed dramatically. They are more efficient, lighter, more affordable and easier to use. Whether you are looking for a Laser Light Show for:

Corporate Theaters, Major Touring Concerts and Artists, Special Events, Sporting Events, Films, TV, Award Ceremonies, Nightclubs and installations…

Or, you are looking to purchase a Laser Light Show Projector for:

Your own company, nightclub, civic venue, concert venue, Stadiums, Bars or an installation in any sort of venue where “awe” and excitement is desired…

Then, CT. Lasers is YOUR Laser Light Show Production Company!

Sales of Laser Systems. Laser Light Show Companies performing shows world wide, Laser Light Show Projector designs and sales and FDA/CDRH Certified Luminance RGB Laser Light Show Systems for almost ANY budget.

CT. Lasers provides it all.

CT. Lasers is a corporate member of the International Laser Display Association and we are also on the U.S. Laser Safety Regulatory Committee. We have a manufacturers variance (one of the very few in the nation) to be able to LEGALLY build and sell Professional Laser Light Show Systems.

We invite you to shop our sister site, “Laser Light Show Systems.” Here, you can purchase LuminanceRGB Professional Laser Systems, KVANT Laser Light Show Systems, X-Laser Systems, Laser Light Show Equipment, Pangolin Laser Systems Laser Control Software and Hardware including the award winning LD2000 and Beyond Laser Platforms!

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Luminance RGB Laser Systems

Laser Light Show System Sales have come quite a long way with newer technology that is available today. Laser Light Show Projectors are smaller, more affordable and easier to operate than ever before! CT. Lasers and Luminance Lasers are offering spectacular deals on professional Laser systems that make it economical and easy to own and operate a professional Laser Light Show System.

Luminance RGB Lasers from 2 Watts to almost any power needed. All solid state, diode Laser technology.

If you have been thinking of purchasing a Laser system for personal use, nightclub use, production use or stadium use, than now would be the best time to jump in and get your system!

Contact CT. Lasers today to buy your Laser Light Show Projector! Our sales and technical staff will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.
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CT. Lasers is an award winning multi-faceted Laser Light Show company based out of New Haven, Connecticut. We are proud corporate members of the International Laser Display Association and we are members of the ILDA Laser Regulatory Committee.
Connecticut Lasers specializes as a Laser Light Show Production Company providing spectacular Laser displays for nationwide audiences. Our LuminanceRGB Laser light show systems utilize state of the art solid state Laser technology which can entertain an event of 100 guests to a stadium full of 100,000 screaming fans! Connecticut Lasers is also recognized as a leading worldwide supplier for Laser light show equipment, Laser light Show projector manufacturing and high quality Laser light show components.
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CT. Lasers has rapidly become one of the nations top Laser light show companies, we have been afforded great opportunities to work with clients such as, Saturday Night Live, Madison Square Garden, IZOD Center,  Foxwoods Casino for their prestigious 20 year anniversary, Avicii (International DJ/producer and recording artist), Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Laser projections for “Wounded Warriors” off of the U.S.S. Intrepid Aircraft Carrier to Laser system installations in prominent nightclubs / entertainment venues throughout the world.

If you are looking to add the excitement and beauty of Lasers to an event, let Connecticut Lasers be your company. We provide professional Laser productions for affordable rates. If you are looking at a professional Laser light show system installation, let CT. Lasers build and install one of our LuminanceRGB or Luminance532 Laser systems for your venue.

Connecticut Lasers is a proud corporate member of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) and is committed to advancing the art of Laser Light Show performances! We are also currently part of ILDA’s “Regulatory Committee” working with the FDA/CDRH on Laser regulations and safety.

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If you are in need of a Laser light show company for any of the following:

• EDM Festival Laser Shows
• Sporting event Laser light shows
• Laser light shows for concerts
• Laser light shows for special events and festivals
• Product launches utilizing custom Laser graphics (logos, custom art, slogans and high energy Laser effects)
• Laser advertising (Laser billboards, building projections, trade shows)
• Nightclub Laser shows

Then be sure to contact CT. Lasers!


Laser Light Show Productions


Are you interested in having a professional Laser Light Show for YOUR event? Fill out this quick, short form and let CT. Lasers provide you an estimate for your event.

Its quick, painless and more affordable than you may think.

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Pictures & Video


See some of our work. None of these pictures are “photoshopped” or edited in any way to produce a better looking effect.

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Laser Light Show Projector Sales


CT. Lasers is a USA certified Laser System Manufacturer. Our Laser Light Show Systems, LuminanceRGB Lasers, are all FDA/CDRH certified and include your operators variance (applicable to USA sales). We have systems ranging from the highest quality OPSL Laser systems to more budget friendly all diode Laser systems for the beginner / hobbyist. Get more information here.

Laser System Details

CT. Lasers offers all of the following for your professional needs:

Worldwide Laser Light Shows | Educational Laser Demonstrations (shows and/or Laser theory) | Laser Light Show Equipment | Laser Light Show Systems | Laser Light Show Projector Sales | Laser Light Show Components | Industrial, Military, Educational & Medical Laser Systems | Laser System Regulatory Requirements, and Laser Safety Consulting.

Among many other Laser and optics related services. Contact Us today.

CT. Lasers is a proud Authorized Dealer for the following:

Pangolin Laser Systems Authorized Dealer

Pangolin Laser Systems Authorized Dealer


CT. Lasers is a worldwide Authorized Dealer for Pangolin Laser Systems. Be part of the “Powered by Pangolin” team of Laser professionals.

Pangolin Beyond
Pangolin LD2000
Pangolin Live Pro
Pangolin QuickShow
Pangolin Discoscans Lens System
Pangolin PASS Audience Scanning System
MUCH More…

KVANT Laser Systems Authorized Dealer

KVANT Laser Systems Authorized Dealer


KVANT Laser systems is among the World’s highest quality diode Laser system manufacturers. Their Laser modules cover the the entire visible spectrum for Laser Light Show use and they also provide scientific, medical and industrial quality Laser systems from the ultra-violet to the infra-red. Their Laser Light Show Projectors are some of the highest quality systems available from our European friends.

CNI Lasers Authorized Dealer

CNI Laser Systems Authorized Dealer


CNI Laser is our #1 choice for Laser modules manufactured out of China. They prove time and time again they can produce a quality Laser system at a more affordable price.